Online MRI Review:

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Trouble Uploading?

Option: Send via Email
You can also email the information directly to us at If you chose this route, please be sure to include all contact information (Full Name, Phone, Email). Thank You!

If you are receiving a message that says your file is too big, please try reducing the file size of the image. Instruction by computer type are listed below.

Apple Products
On a Apple Mac, you can do this by opening the MRI file and then clicking File > Export > Format (Select JPEG) > Drag Quality down to reasonable size.

PC Products
Select the photos you want to resize, and then on the Edit tab, in the Properties group, click Resize. Click the Select a size list, and then select a size for your photos. For a custom size, in the Maximum dimensions box, enter the maximum width you want your photos to be. Click Resize and save.